Accountant or Plumber: Which is Your IT Firm?

This isn’t meant to disrespect the profession of plumbers, but one analogy I love to use for I.T. is the “accountant versus plumber.”

When you call the plumber, you call when there’s a problem, you need him to show up right away, fix the problem and then leave. You typically don’t ask for advice, and you don’t keep him around to advise on the direction of the company.

The accountant, on the other hand, is someone you meet with regularly. She has the pulse of your com­pany, you trust her to advise you to make good decisions, and you involve her in all of your major company decisions. She is one of your trusted advis­ers and is crucial to your company’s success.

Your I.T. Wellness firm is also a trusted adviser. I.T. Wellness is part of your planning process, and your I.T. professional is there to give you advice, di­rection and ideas to help your company succeed. Proactive work is part of the planning process before a project gets underway, and continues on the entire schedule of the project. I.T. Wellness means plan­ning ahead.

The consequence of having a “computer plumber” I.T. firm is that you never develop a long-term strate­gic relationship with them. You’re missing out on the greatest value of a good I.T. firm. The most im­portant thing the I.T. firm does is dispense good advice and direction about very complex topics. If your I.T. firm acts like a plumber, you’re losing out. A strategic I.T. partner is someone that can actually help your business grow.

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