Are We Protected From Disaster?

Technology is supposed to make things easier. Why go to digital X-rays instead of paper? Why use a database instead of paper files and folders? Digital X-rays and databases are more convenient, can do many more things, and ultimately save time. But digital data comes with some risks, including the risk of loss or corruption.

When a Small Business moves into using technology to run the business, the transfer usually happens slowly over time. I’m old enough that I remember organizations that used typewriters for some of their forms and other specialized documents. I helped them convert those documents to PDFs. I helped those same organizations purchase servers, storage area networks, enterprise backups and so on. Over time, those organizations have come to do everything digitally.

Now imagine if, instead of working with an I.T. professional, they decided to try to take care of all technical issues themselves, but investing no money into infrastructure or data recovery. Imagine if the server crashed, and they had no backups–all would be lost. The entire organization would come to a standstill.

There are businesses and practices in that situation, and that’s very scary.

But it goes deeper. What if, all along, the Small Business had been working with an I.T. company who wasn’t doing a good job? They had trusted someone else to protect their data, but they still lost every­thing.

That’s very, very scary.

This fear takes many forms, but it comes back to the fact that they have paid an I.T. person or organization who might not be doing the right things to take care of their digital assets. Business owners don’t know if they are protected or not.

Do you know if your business is well protected?

IT Review:

Get the peace of mind and as­surance which only a properly conducted I.T. review can provide. Ensure you’re being well taken care of—even (or perhaps especially) if you already have an I.T. support service.