Are You A Single Point of Failure?

The IT industry is built around redundancy — mirrored hard drives, fail-over servers, secondary backup systems, redundant internet connections.  So, we like to avoid the “single point of failure.”

But what if your IT firm is the single point of failure?  If your IT guy (or gal) doesn’t have a backup in place for him or herself, then your IT firm is the single point of failure.  Even with redundant systems, much of the running of those systems is all in the IT director’s head.

Consider setting up a secondary IT firm to “back you up” in case of an emergency, or if you get overloaded and need an additional hand.

Nonlinear Tech is backed up by two separate services: We use Third Tier as our outsourced help desk to help with overload and technical issues outside our core competency.  And we have a partnership with a local IT firm to help if we need hands-on help.