Do You Have Personal Contact with Your IT Firm?

While an IT firm focused on Wellness seeks to automate things and create efficient systems for IT, we also know that the best support we can offer our clients is personal. That is, we know every customer, we meet with each one regularly, and they know each of our technicians.

Personal support eliminates frustration and makes things more efficient for the business owner. Efficiency means less wasted time and effort.

Early on in my business, one of my biggest clients switched to a larger IT firm because they needed 24×7 coverage (or, they thought they did, but that’s a long story). I visited them a few months later, and I asked how things were going. The office manager was really frustrated with this larger firm because each time they sent over a technician, he was someone different who didn’t know the history of their systems. She would have to explain the problem again to the technician, and the technician would invariably try something that had been tried before, and the problem wouldn’t get solved, and the situation would repeat itself.

IT Wellness also means Personal IT. We don’t treat our customers like a number; we spend the time to build the relationship.