Does Your I.T. Firm Perform a Security Audit for You?

Do you know where your security holes are? Wouldn’t you like to know (and then fix) any huge vulnerabilities that might be in your business? Just remember that cleaning up after a security breach is at least five times more expensive than preventing it in the first place.

A security audit might cost a couple hundred dollars, and fixing security issues might cost about the same. But cleaning up after a virus or intrusion can cost thousands of dollars. A server infected with a “crypto” virus may take weeks to clean up, including recovering files from backups, checking each folder, comparing and testing documents, and more.

During this time, the company is in complete chaos–critical business files are unavailable, employees sit idle while their data is recovered, and everyone spends an enormous amount of time trying to remember or figure out which files are the most recent, which files are important, and which files will need to be recreated from scratch. Lost time and productivity costs the business thousands of dollars, in addition to the costs of I.T. services.

A simple security audit can prevent the possibility of an infection. It’s an easy decision to make that will save a great deal of money and make your network much more secure.