Does Your IT Firm Catch Small Problems Early?

Whether they are catching small backup errors before they become a backup failure, or whether they are monitoring your computers and can fix a small problem before it causes a system crash, it should be clear that staying ahead of problems in I.T. saves money.

The most expensive projects we do are when we have to clean up an organization’s I.T. that has been neglected or managed haphazardly for a number of years. The amount of time and money spent on fixing and cleaning up neglected infrastructure is twice what it would have cost the organization to stay on top of things and maintain their systems.

If your business is behind in I.T. maintenance, request that your I.T. firm spend some time to fix the small problems this year, so that going forward, that looming disaster won’t happen. What kind of looming disaster? If your server hard drive is sending out “failing drive” errors, but you are ignoring them, the drive may fail and you will lose everything on it— patient records, accounting data, images, important documents—everything. Or if your router is old, it could fail at any time, leaving you without internet access. For some clinics, that means no access to any patient data for at least a whole day.

Most I.T. firms offer free or inexpensive system audits, and give you a list of the issues to fix. You can start there and know that you have saved your company a great deal in future I.T. costs.