Is Your IT Firm Keeping Up?

Why was our IT guy not using the best practices?  This is a top fears of business owners.  Sometimes they ask “How are you keeping up with all the changes in IT?”  In other words, “How do I know you are going to give me current advice?”

Fair question.  I know several IT guys who stopped learning 8 years ago, and are just keeping everything running the old way. In my case, we use a variety of methods to stay current. We go to IT conferences, attend IT meetups, we attend product and service presentations, we meet in tech master­mind groups, and spend time every month learning something new.

What happens if your IT person isn’t keeping up? You might be paying more for some services than you should, because many services have come down in price. You might be receiving old technology or be using systems that are out of date.

Even worse, you might be using software (such as antivirus or antimalware software) that is worthless and ineffective. Imagine paying your IT firm for antivirus software that is ranked 9th or 10th on the list of best software. The consequences of having poor antivirus software are devastating. One malware infection can wipe out your whole hard drive! It’s inexcusable that some of these IT firms haven’t spent the time to find the best solutions; their negligence puts your business at risk.

The I.T. world moves fast. An IT firm needs to stay current. The most valuable thing we do is dispense technology advice to our clients.

A good next step would be to download the best practices checklist to rate how well your IT firm is staying up on current technology, and then ask your current IT firm these questions.

IS YOUR FIRM FOLLOWING TODAY’S BEST PRACTICES? Compare your I.T. firm’s work with this continually updated I.T. Best Practices Check­list!