Is Your IT Firm Your Stable Partner?

As a new year begins, we often take stock of where we have been and where we are going.  We may look to the past and be amazed at how far we’ve come or how much has changed.  But it may also be worth noting the things that have not changed, the things that have remained consistent from year to year.

In my own business, I have had some of my clients for fifteen years. In some of those organizations, nearly the entire office staff has come and gone, but the I.T. service has remained constant. We have become the one stable partner for those businesses; we are the valuable resource for the organization’s knowledge, its history, and its business processes. Well over half my firm’s business comes from clients that have been with me more than 10 years.

Why does this matter? It shows that we take good care of our clients, and they have benefitted from it. When you choose an Information Technology partner, find out how long they have been in business, and find out how long a typical client relationship lasts. A firm with many long-term clients is likely practicing Wellness I.T, focusing on preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is a well-understood concept. The cars that have the least trouble have had frequent oil changes and inspections. People who have few dental problems have had regular checkups all their lives. Similarly, businesses with the least computer trouble have had I.T. preventative maintenance done by professionals for years.

The old philosophy of “Call me when it breaks, and I’ll fix it” is asking for trouble. In the I.T. world, we call this “Break/Fix”. Many I.T. firms still operate this way, although the successful firms employ many preventative maintenance tools and techniques. This I.T. Wellness system works for the long-term satisfaction of our customers.