IT Firms that Automate Are Reliable and Save You Money

Many processes in IT can be automated; automation makes things cheaper, more reliable and easier to maintain.

An example is an automated backup reporting solution. The IT Wellness system has a birds-eye view of all backups for all clients. We can see at a glance which backups succeeded, which ones had warnings, and which ones failed. From that birds-eye view, we get instant feedback on how backups are doing over all; it’s automatic,and requires no manual work to retrieve that information.

Another example of an automatic system is a support ticket system that is transparent to the client. When a customer calls and requests help on something, it goes into the ticket system. The ticket remains open until the problem is solved. Every time a technician works on that ticket, he or she logs the time spent on it. At any time, the client can log in and see where time is being spent, and the status of any issue. The reason it works is that it is automated. No manual copying and pasting of spreadsheet data, and no manual entry of hours or work done.

The IT Wellness system uses automation as much as possible, so that time can be spent on more productive activities.

What if your IT firm doesn’t automate? The consequences of having an IT firm that relies on manual processes is that things get missed, and stuff doesn’t get done. It’s similar to the organized versus disorganized IT firm. If the IT firm is organized, they don’t lose things. If they’re automating systems, they don’t lose things. If they’re disorganized and doing everything manually, they’ll miss important details and won’t realize that a backup has failed. That missed backup might have been the only one that had your digital X-rays for the week. Is it worth it to keep using a company that is clearly in chaos?