Remote Monitoring

Your IT firm is monitoring your servers and workstations, right? Only a few years ago, this was clunky and costly, but now there are so many good tools for computer monitoring. Now it’s a no-brainer. This is a core concept of the Wellness IT philosophy.

Why monitor the computers? Your IT firm can know very quickly when a computer is about to fail, the server C: drive is almost full, or a PC is consuming ten times the normal bandwidth. With good monitoring comes good IT support. Wouldn’t you rather have your IT service call and tell you that they’ve found a problem on your server, and they are fixing it right now? Or would you prefer to have the server crash first, and then try to get a hold of someone to come fix it? Again, it’s the cost of prevention versus the cost of cleanup.

Most monitoring software also allows for remote support; that means you can have an IT firm resolve an issue remotely without ever making an on-site service call. Almost every IT service firm charges less for remote support than they do for on-site support.

Even if you have an IT person on staff, you can make him or her so much more efficient and effective by having your computers monitored by a monitoring service.

This is such an easy decision—a few dollars per month for monitoring that will prevent a major server crash disaster.

And when your people are more efficient with time and resources, you save money.