Understanding Trade-Offs

You’ve probably heard the old adage “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two”. It basically means that there are trade-offs in any solution you choose. If you want a top-quality solution, and you need it now, it won’t be cheap. If you want a cheap solution, and you want a really good one, it won’t be ready this week.

Good solutions take time and cost money.

I.T. Wellness seeks to help the Small Business owner understand the trade-offs, and make educated decisions.

Once when I was working on a new building pro­ject with a client, the client insisted on using the cheapest wiring contractor; they whipped through the wiring project quickly, but after they left, we found dozens of wiring problems, from mis-wired jacks, to unlabeled wires to entirely missing cables. Unfortunately, this client wasn’t willing to listen to good advice, and we spent a lot of money afterward fixing the problems with the wiring.

If your I.T. firm leans too far in one of these directions—good, fast, cheap—then the other parts of the equation suffer. Too cheap means quality suffers. Too “good” means you over-pay or pay for what you don’t need. And so on.

The bottom line is this—know that good solutions are either costly, or take longer to implement, and that by understanding the trade-offs, you can make the best decision.