What Services Should You Move to the Cloud?

Should you move everything to the cloud? Should you keep it all in-house? What should you do with cloud services? It’s hard to know without getting ad­vice from an expert.

Some things are really easy to move to the cloud, and other things, not so much. Moving email to a cloud service makes a lot of sense, and has immediate financial payoff. Just add the cost of a mail server, the cost of maintaining the mail server software, the cost of a spam filter and annual updates, plus the cost of downtime when things aren’t working quite right, and compare that with the monthly cost of hosted email. Probably an easy decision.

On the other hand, if you do large digital X-rays or work with huge data files, that’s not nearly as con­venient to store in the cloud. Even with a fast internet connection, file transfers take a long time. So that kind of production needs in-house storage, which also means local backups.

Deciding what to put in the cloud and what not to takes some forethought. If you move the right ser­vices to the cloud, you can save money on those services. (And, if you move the wrong services to the cloud, it will cost you.)

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